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Taube Weiner

Taube Weiner

My first career was mother and homemaker, back in the days when very few women I knew worked. After 23 years of marriage, I “dethroned” myself and started looking for someone, anyone, to hire me to do anything. I had the “I know what I don’t want but not what I do want” syndrome.

I never thought about career coaching, so I answered ads, went on interviews, and found that when I went into a recruiter’s office I liked the idea of what they did. With the help of a friend who told me I could do anything I put my mind to, I started looking for a recruiting company that would hire me. I put on my blue suit, took a briefcase with nothing in it, and went to placement agencies. They told me to send a resume. Resume? How do I write a resume about bringing up four children and doing volunteer work? Forget that!

A friend made a suggestion to be unique, so I came up with this statement, which I used and got the job, “Mr. Jones, I’ve done a lot of research; this is the field I want to get into, and I’ll work for you for nothing to start.” I wasn’t offering anything that wasn’t going to happen anyway, since working on commission means no placements = no money.

After seven very successful years there, I decided that if I was going to move on I needed a degree. I found a college in the Boston area that gave credit for substantive work history plus my one year of undergrad and, with loans, at the age of 50, I went back to school for three years in an intensive program that gave me an accredited Masters degree in Education.

After graduation, Weiner Associates was born and I was a consultant! While networking for clients at events, I was asked to work for an outplacement company for a few months. Good idea, I thought——I’ll take the position, sock away some money, and then go back to my own business.

Well, I’m a spiritual woman who now understands that my higher power had another plan. After two months I was asked to move on to another company that was laying people off, as an outplacement coach, and the next thing I knew 10 years had passed with continued success in that field. I was now managing other coaches and centers for large organizations in many different industries and professions.

Through a series of circumstances, my company placed me at Harvard Medical School as a consultant, to work with employees who were not generally happy with their job and/or career. Wow, I had found what I believe is my true calling, what I was meant to do!

After almost 12 years at Harvard, the financial crisis hit, and the handwriting was on the wall that our department—although valuable for employees—was not core to the organization. If what you do is not core to an organization, you must always be on your toes.

I changed Weiner Associates to Transitions by Taube. This is my encore career, and I am back doing what I love to do—help people find meaningful careers.



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