Fees and ranges vary for each individual



Skill and Interest Assessment

If you’re not sure what you want to do, I have several assessment tools that will awaken that awareness that has been lying dormant.


Mid-Career Redirection

Tired of doing the same thing? Want a change? Through a series of assessment tools, we’ll look at your values and interests and see how your skills are transferable toward those interests.


Goal Setting and Followup

Setting goals and following up, especially when seeking a new/different career or position, takes time and effort.


Retire or Rewire

What questions are you  considering for the next chapter of your life? If you are considering retiring in the near or far, now is the time to look at the innovative possibilities.


Encore Career Assessment

We will use specific assessments to aid you in discovering where your passion is at this time of your life.


Post-Career Assessment

By assessing your interests, we will work toward your goals so that you’ll find you don’t have enough time in your day to fulfill your desires.


* special exceptions can be made

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